Malfunctions and solutions (the machinery part) -1

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Motor of main gear does not work when switching on



1. Park in a   wrong position

Turn the main shaft   to 100 degree

2. Embroidery   frame shut down offside

Move the frame   inversely

3. Machine is   jammed

Find out the   jammed point and fix it

4. Motor of the   main gear is switched off

Turn it on

5. Related   fuse blows

Replace it


Designs are out of shape



1. Embroidery   frame is too heavy

Reduce the weight

2.The tothed belt   is too tight or too loose

Adjust the   tension of it

3. Fraction in   the track is too strong, maybe with unknown objects

Clean and add   lubricant oil to it

4. Connection   between the transmission shaft and the belt becomes loose

Check the   stopping screw and fixing bolt,and tighten them

5. The driving   bearing breaks down

Replace the   bearing

6. The   fraction between the embroidery frame and the board is too strong

Check whether   embroidery frame is out of shape, the screw of the frame is too loose or not,   and the screw of the embroidery aid frame is too long

7. Embroidery   frame is too loose or too tight

Check the   bearing of embroidery frame

8. Connection   between the pulse motor and the connecting cover is loose, so is the bolt

Fasten them

9. Embroidered   material is too loose

Add slip sheets,   and retighten them

10. Data is   changed because of outside interruption

Reinput designs

11. Electric   appliances reasons

Refer to book of   direction

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